Parent Comments

“There is a lovely practice called Sage Pediatrics in Oakland. I recommend Dr. Amy Maidenberg there. I was pleased by her gentle approach and ability to listen and offer information in a way that very much felt like she was supporting my choice as a parent. Given that I have more alternative perspectives than my husband and my mom when it comes to health, I was also really impressed at how well Amy was able to respectfully communicate with all of us in the same appointment. She also did a home visit, which felt so right for a small baby. I also appreciate that Amy is the mother of 2 little ones herself.” — Trina, birth doula

“Here's how I would describe Dr. Amy Maidenberg: smart, professional, up to date on the latest research, but also caring, committed, and willing to listen to my concerns and preferences. I trusted her judgment, and appreciated her ability to make medical issues accessible. She was open to my desire to follow a more spread out vaccination schedule with my younger child, but she carefully weighed the pros and cons of timing every vaccination with me, so that I knew I was not neglecting my daughter's health. She alerted me to new medical research before it was widely publicized, which reassured me that she was on top of the latest developments. My kids loved seeing her on office visits, and so did I. I felt that she genuinely cared about us, like a personal friend. Pediatricians like her are rare gems.” — Jill, mother of Zachary and Alexia

“Sometimes, the best things in life happen to us when our plans fail — in our case, we met Dr. Maidenberg who was on-call for our “chosen” pediatrician, at our daughter's birth. From the moment we met her, she warmly responded to the myriad questions our first-time-parent-brains came up with. That compassion and generosity of spirit and professional nature didn't end at that first meeting. We were so touched by her harmonious balance of professionalism and personableness; she immediately became our “chosen” Pediatrician. Despite a three thousand mile move, and several pediatricians later — no one has replaced her. She is the ideal doctor for any child, and the best doctor I can imagine for any first-time parent. “Dr. Amy”, as we lovingly came to know and call her — was, and still is, the best doctor to have been a part of our daughter's life.” — Tara, mother of Marley