About the Doctors

Dr. Amy Maidenberg

Amy Maidenberg, MD, is a board certified pediatrician, mother of two young children, and step-mom to a young-adult. After graduating from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, she completed her residency and served on the teaching faculty at the University of Washington Medical School.

Dr. Maidenberg opened Sage Pediatrics in September of 2011 with the goal of creating an ideal pediatric practice for families who want an integrative approach to child wellness and a strong therapeutic relationship with their doctor. She is a believer in the mind-body connection and is trained in pediatric hypnotherapy. As a pediatrician-mom, Dr. Maidenberg knows what parents need from their doctor and she enjoys guiding parents on topics such as sleep, behavior, and nutrition. She understands the benefits as well as the challenges of breastfeeding, and currently serves on the Lactation Committee at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. In her free time, Amy enjoys spending time with her family, swimming, singing, and rock climbing.

Dr. Maidenberg collaborates with Dr. Hillary Roland ND in order to provide truly integrative care.
Dr. Hillary Roland, ND

Dr. Hilary Roland, ND is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with a special interest in pediatrics and family medicine. Dr. Roland earned her degree in Naturopathic Medicine and Certificate in Midwifery from Bastyr University and went on to do a residency at the Bastyr Center for Natural Medicine where she worked on specialty shifts focusing on pediatrics, ADHD, environmental medicine and asthma care. She has spent two years volunteering at Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic bringing alternative medicine to low income families. She has a BA in International Affairs from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Prior to studying medicine she worked with children and teens as a camp counselor and assisted Spanish speaking populations as a medical interpreter.

In addition to her degree in naturopathic medicine, Dr. Roland also received a certificate in naturopathic midwifery. She believes that a healthy pregnancy and early childhood creates a foundation to lifelong wellness. She is passionate about integrative medicine and believes that coordinating the best of conventional and alternative therapies provides her patients with the highest-quality care. As a naturopathic doctor she is trained in botanical medicine, homeopathy, pharmacology, craniosacral therapy, diet and nutrient therapy and mind-body medicine. Her therapeutic approach draws on this training to combine the most recent medical research with traditional healing practices to provide a holistic and individual treatment plan for each family. She takes the time necessary to educate families about their health and believes that when adequately supported and informed they begin their journey to optimal health. Outside of the office Hillary enjoys participating in a Brazilian martial art called Capoeira and playing in the mountains.